Architectural Modifications

Change is inevitable and continued upgrading of our homes and neighborhood is desirable. The Architectural Control Committee has the responsibility for managing architectural changes to the Association's residences so that the architectural harmony of the neighborhood is not diminished.  As we all know, maintaining the overall integrity of our neighborhood's design helps sustain -- and even potentially increases -- the property values within our neighborhood. 

Any modification of a residence that is:

        1.  applied to the exterior

        2.  intended to be permanent,

        3.  visible from the street or to any neighbors, and/or 

        4.  requires a Building Permit from Columbia County

is subject to governance by the JCOA. You must have any permanent exterior modifications to your residence approved in advance. To obtain approval, submit a completed ACC application to the Board of Directors 30 days before you want to begin making your desired improvement.

After construction has been completed, a representative from the Board of Directors and the Architectural Control Committee may request an inspection of the modification. 

We want to take this opportunity to caution you that approval for a modification is usually but not necessarily automatic. Article VII, Section 1, specifically states that the Architectural Control Committee may withhold approval for several reasons. The Architectural Control Committee shall have the right to refuse to approve any such building plans, specifications, and grading plans which are not suitable or desirable in its sole opinion, for any reason, including purely aesthetic reasons.  Please keep in mind that the JCOA may remove or undo any modifications that are undertaken without proper notification to the Architectural Control Committee at the homeowner's expense. This is why it is so important to receive approval from the Board of Directors before you start your project. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your plans or the process of obtaining approval, please contact the ACC Chairman or the Board of Directors.

Important Note: 

Owners and agents are requested to become familiar with our covenants, and means of communication, via our website.  Please let us know when you have sold property in Jones Creek so we may update our directory and invite the new owners to our events.  Finally, signs are important in Jones Creek.  Only approved signs are allowed to be placed in the Jones Creek PUD.  Most owners and realtors adhere to our standard sign colors with a beige background and green lettering with the JC golfer logo.  Other signs; i.e. / Red & White “OPEN HOUSE”, or “for sale by owner” signs are not permitted and may be removed without recourse to the owner/agent.  Open House signs, using our standard green and beige logo design, may be placed in the common areas leading potential buyers into our neighborhood.  These signs may be put out 2 days in advance of the open house date and must be removed by close of business on the day of the open house.

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Architectural Control

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