Summary of Proposed Changes to JCOA By-Laws approved by JCOA Board

February, 2013


Section 3.1, changed “association” definition to a Georgia Non-Profit Corporation.
Section 3.3, deleted developer statement, SouthTrust bank is no longer involved with JCOA affairs.
Section 3.8, deleted developer
Section 3.9, added definition of JCOA “improved area”
Section 5.2, added “to the secretary”
Section 5.3, added Board of Directory’s meeting, see section 9.0
Section 5.5, added posted on JCOA website.
Section 5.6, changed quorum definition from 10% to 5% for Annual and Special meetings
Section 5.9, added minutes added to JCOA website.
Section 6.0, revised and restructured entire section
Section 7.0, revised and restructured entire section
Section 7.4, revised to state that the JCOA board has the ability to sell minor (<= ½ acre) unimproved property belonging to the JCOA.
Section 8.0, added and/or refined duties of the JCOA board
Section 9.1, changed required JCOA board meetings from 8 to 6 annually and refined quorum definition.
Section 10, added definitions and job descriptions
Section 13.1, added exception listed in section 7.4 concerning selling of minor unimproved property
Attachment A, added new attachment defining ACC items
Attachment B, added new attachment defining JCOA Board protocol.