Remember to pay early to receive the best discount for 2019.  The dues letters are mailed out the second week in January and are due by February 28 of each year.

 Send payments to:

Jones Creek Owners Association
P.O. Box 1418
Evans, GA 30809


 Homeowner Dues

The JCOA Board of Directors has elected to increase the dues for 2018 to $425 (early pay option).  It has been five years since the last increase.   The increase will allow us to continue to maintain and restore the JCOA common area property and increase our security.  Major projects slated for 2018 are replacement and enhancement of our security  camera systems,  re-surfacing of our tennis courts to include a much requested pickle ball court, and replacement of the wooden sign and street posts with a metal version similar to what Georgia Power has been using to replace their wooden street light poles as they are damaged. Thank you for supporting these projects.

 Please Note

 If mailed, the postmark date of your payment will be your payment date. Checks returned NSF are considered not paid and a bank charge will  be added to  the amount due.  All homeowners and lot owners who are owner of record as of January 1, 2018 are responsible for paying the  annual fee.  It is the  responsibility of the owner of record to negotiate the pro-rating of the fee with the buyer if the homeowner sells their  home or lot during the year.

 It is up to each homeowner and lot owner to pay their dues.  The fees are due every year by February 28.  Every homeowner and lot owner is  sent an  invoice.  There have been a few occasions when a homeowner or lot owner does not receive a dues letter.  If that happens, we  apologize.  Signs will be  placed at both entrances to Jones Creek as a reminder to everyone that their dues are now due.  There will also be a  reminder in the Jones Creek  Newsletter (The Scorecard) and Calling Post calls will also be made.