Talking Points from 10-4-2018

Time Line Presentation

Informational gathering only, no business or voting will take place

     ·        JCOA first learned of Jones Creek golf course (JCGC) closing on or about 9-6-2018 from Ray Mundy, the JCGC owner/operator. Golf course would be closed                                  indefinitely on 9-9-2018 @ 6PM

     ·        JCOA Board met on 9-6-2018 to discuss options concerning the closure of the golf course.  We voted to delay the initial town hall meeting until we had better                            information.

     ·        What we know comes from the JCGC lawyer via media outlets:

     ·        Golf course is not for sale

     ·        JC Golf will still pursue lawsuit in CC superior court to seek relief

     ·        JCGC is still determining its next steps

     ·        JC Clubhouse will be open to honor existing agreements and events thru the rest of 2018

     ·        Refunds of golf memberships are uncertain

The JCCO Board has done the following since the 9-9-2018 JCOA Board meeting

     ·        Authorized our legal team (Huggins-Peil law firm) to examine our covenants and bylaws to see what the JCOA could attempt to do concerning the golf course                            closing.

     ·        Contacted several financial institutions concerning possible loan opportunities (South State bank, Queensboro, 1st Community, Security Federal, SRP FCU)

     ·        Several board members and some residents have personally talked with Ray Mundy about the JCGC closing situation

     ·        Arranged a meeting with selected members of the JCOA Board with Doug Duncan, our current district commissioner and soon to be CC commission chair.

The JCOA board met again on 10-1-2018 to discuss our findings and met with our lawyer team

     ·        Our Legal team’s opinion and advisement is that we do not have the proper authority to purchase property under the current covenants.  We would need to revise                the covenants to do so.  We have dropped any further investigation of this option

     ·        Based on limited information from Ray Mundy and other potential buyers, we have asked our lawyer team to investigate what other legal means the JCOA may                        have  to help resolve this situation

     ·        The JCOA met with Doug Duncan on 10-1-2018

     ·        We expressed our displeasure with the current situation between the JCGC and Columbia County (CC)

     ·        Doug can’t so much, if anything about this situation because of ongoing litigation. 

     ·        We inquired about CC master plan to alleviate storm water run-off issues in this area. Doug’s response was that he has seen the engineered drawings that indicate                 several upstream retention basins with retrievable silt capability.   This solution is a $50 million-dollar trip with no immediate funding available. Doug plans to                           appeal to the newly elected governor of Ga to request funding to achieve this work.  We will monitor this and keep our fingers crossed

 What is next- Action Items

Follow-up with our lawyer team to develop a legal document to determine what other options permitted by the JCOA covenants. There were several different scenarios discussed at the meeting

Arrange a formal meeting with JCGC owners and any potential new owners to explore possible solutions.  Update- contact has been made with Ray to initiate this meeting by JCOA, contact has been made with several potential buyers to discuss similar solutions. One has agreed to meet with us.  Others have been informational phone/email conversations.

Discuss storm water run-off issues with surrounding neighborhoods that are similarly impacted.

Develop a petition with other affected neighborhoods.