Rules on ‘Signs" in Jones Creek

Signs are important in Jones Creek.  Only approved signs are allowed to be placed in the Jones Creek PUD.  Most owners and realtors adhere to our standard sign colors with a beige background and green lettering with the Jones Creek golfer logo.   Other signs like the red and white "OPEN HOUSE" and "For Sale by Owner" signs are not permitted and may be removed without recourse to the owner/agent.   However, these signs are permitted as long as they follow the color and design listed above.  If you wish to have a sign made, you can call Buddy at Augusta Signs (706-922-7446).  They have our colors and logo. 

Open House signs, using our standard green and beige logo design may be placed in the common areas leading potential buyers into our neighborhood.  These signs may be put out 2 days in advance of the open house date and must be removed at the end of the Open House.