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Thank you for your continued participation with exclusive service by ADR, Inc., (Augusta Disposal & Recycling, Inc.). Since 1990 we have provided the Evans, Martinez, Augusta & Grovetown area with QUALITY trash and recycling collection. We offer the residents of Jones Creek the following:

We will furnish a 96 gal. cart with either *once a week service or *twice a week service.

With fuel prices rising, and the costs of doing business as a whole increasing, we unfortunately have to make some changes. We have avoided raising our prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable.

A few weeks ago, we passed out flyers to the neighborhood of Jones Creek informing everyone of a change in policy. This involved no longer receiving FREE yard waste. The yard waste was going to have to be tagged by Yard Waste Stickers, which can be purchased for $1 at your local Circle K gas stations. When bagging up your yard waste, you would simply stick the sticker on the bag so our employees can visibly see that the bag has been paid for. You could also use a personal can instead of a bag, and put the sticker on the can so we know its been paid for.

Due to overwhelming response, we have decided AGAINST instituting this neighborhood-wide Yard Waste program. Last week, the Jones Creek HOA, and Board met and decided they would prefer a $2 increase in monthly rate, as opposed to $1/each bag of Yard Waste. With that increase in rate, the residents of Jones Creek would receive TWO free bags of Yard Waste PER WEEK.

This will take into effect June 1st. So until then, your rate will stay the same and you can still put out 4 free bags of Yard Waste.

To clarify (effective June 1st):
Rates for Jones Creek are as follows:
1x week household service w/96 gal cart $21.00 per month billed quarterly at $63.00
2x week household service w/96 gal cart $23.00 per month billed quarterly at $69.00
1x week household service w/64 gal cart $18.00 per month billed quarterly at $54.00
2x week household service w/64 gal cart $22.00 per month billed quarterly at $66.00
64 gal cart is for elderly residents (75 years and older, with proof) and physically disabled residents ONLY. These carts are very limited.

Recycling has always been at no charge and will remain at no charge. We are now Single Streaming our customers waste. This simply means that you put everything into the same can (recycling included) and the entire contents of the can gets taken to a recycling center, and not a landfill. The contents then get placed on conveyor belts that extract the recycling out of your garbage. This is resulting in an incredible amount of recycling for our community. So if your "neighbors don't recycle, they do now!"

Jones Creek residents also get one (1) large item pick up per month at no charge. ***Must call in to schedule*** Large item like appliances, furniture and mowers....

We thank you for your business and appreciate your understanding the necessity for this change. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office (706) 860-2208.


Andrew Polonus